Sometimes life hands us a difficult diagnosis. On that day, life for us changes in a way that we never saw coming. Living with chronic illness can make living a "normal" life difficult to impossible. Most chronic illnesses call for several specialist and frequent medical interventions.

Hope Is A Beautiful Thing

Living with chronic illness comes with many challenges but they don't have to defeat you. You can rise above them and take control of the parts of your life that you can. There are plenty of chronic illness conditions where diet and exercise aren't going to be the magic bullet (yup, I said it). Every chronic illness has its own set of recommendations to help improve your health and every chronic illness presents itself different for each patient. You might need to overhaul your hobbies and activities. Guess what...that's OK!

• You blame yourself for your illness

• You are unable to separate yourself from your illness

• You are envious of other people's ability to do things you physically can't

• You feel guilty for honoring your limitations

• You feel bad for setting boundaries

• You have let go of the expectation that things could improve

• You need a tribe of support that understands what you are going through

• You are ready to live the life you deserve


I am so grateful for Coach Andi!  While working with her, I have been stretched in many ways BUT never stressed! As a coach she provides space for me to grow.  She has never made me feel incapable!  I have made so much progress mentally, physically and spiritually. Coach Andi definitely deserves 10/10! 


There are not enough words to describe how much I loved working with Andi! She understands me and was a pivotal role in me navigating my diagnosis and treatment options.


Working with Andi has definitely helped me understand my diagnosis and body better.  She's an amazing teacher.  I am in better tune with my body because of working with her.


I am so glad that I found a coach that cares and understands me and what I want.  I would absolutely recommend her to any and everyone! She treats her clients like royalty and has helped me set boundaries and find my safe space.